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Smartphone retail presentation app

In retail stores almost half of smartphones and tablets look the same, due to similar design and screen off. Customers interact with some of them and choose the one with the best price-quality ratio. Using a modern retail presentation app, with advanced analytics, that attract customers helps create a differentiator for your brand in-store (come closer to the A brands experience).

PickMe 1

PickMe is our retail mobile app that will support you:

  • to have a differentiator at the shelf by display phone specifications & keep the screen on;
  • help customers understand the added value of each model by providing a compare function;
  • prove the screen quality by play a vivid, high quality video of your choice;
  • keep the phone at top performance for demos by cleaning it each night;
  • get a direct communication channel with the final customers by allowing them to subscribe using their email addresses.

As 67% of customers say they will pay more for a great experience, we strongly believe we can enhance the buying process, by offering experiences that connect consumers to both store and phone brands.