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Bridging the information gap

Drive the best customer experience

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Bridging the
information gap

With global smartphone penetration reaching 60%, all players in the ecosystem face fierce competition, saturated markets, ever increasing consumer expectations and disruptive threats. To remain competitive, organizations must improve their efficiencies and keep their customers happy. With the traditional approach, few facts are known about the customers’ actual experience. With the “outside-in” experiential information that is sourced directly from mobile devices, we are building the bridge to close the information gap.

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Drive the best
customer experience

56% of the individuals choosing their next phone do so based on brand image, past experiences plus other people’s input. Studies confirm that most unhappy customers don’t complain to their mobile operator or device supplier, even when they experience awful service levels. Dissatisfied customers tend to spend less, spread the news about their negative experience to other consumers and eventually churn. Without getting any direct complaints, companies are blind-sided about the problems until customers leave. Our ambition is to provide an intelligent platform that empowers organizations to deliver the best customer experience.

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actionable insights

A study from Accenture shows that as many as 27% of smartphone complaints relate to device and service performance. The proliferation of smartphones and new network technologies has created complex interactions between network services, device features and applications’ usage. Our platform provides contextual insights into how customers interact with mobile devices, from device usage to perceived network performance, empowering providers to act fast and make evidence-based business decisions that optimize their business processes and consequently have a positive impact on the bottom line.

our platform


An end-to-end intelligent analytics platform with multidimensional capabilities

Metis360 empowers organizations with “outside-in” practical information that is sourced directly from mobile devices. The data collected provides the only objective view of how handsets perform on a day-to-day basis in the hands of customers as well as insights into consumer behaviour.


Our platform offers solutions for various industries, responding to specific needs.