Custom Services

Future Decoded empowers all players in the mobile devices ecosystem to recognize clearer insights with a unique device-sourced analytics platform.  Each business comes with its specific needs and challenges due to various reasons and our dedicated team helps accelerate and maximize the benefits from our solution while minimizing risk and uncertainty.

Custom services 1

Individual Performance & Certification Reports

Performance Report for specific phone models, issued by Future Decoded, to prove the devices’ performance on a specific customer base. Sales people can capitalize on superior perceived quality in the negotiation process with different retailers, considering the constant pressure on price and other rebates.

Custom services 2

Deep Dive Reporting Dashboard & Advisory Services​

Our team can perform a comprehensive analysis on active smartphone & tablets and send a quarterly dashboard with potential issues, various benchmarks and insights on customer behavior. Also, we can participate actively in product design meetings and provide recommendations.

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Solutions consulting

Future Decoded solutions consulting team helps customers maximize the benefits of our platform:

  • Align Metis360 with existing technologies and processes​
  • Maximize benefits of Metis360 platform leveraging our in-depth domain expertise​
  • Solve real life challenges by providing relevant, customized reports that enable a better decision-making process​
Custom services 4

Professional services​

Our professional services team consists of industry experts who help customers deploy our solution:

  • Deploy Metis360 modules to meet your business requirements, from analysis, customization, performance and acceptance testing​
  • Product training to enable your team to maximize benefits​
  • Support and maintenance provide business continuity​
  • Structured engagement approach
Custom services 5

Device integration​

  • Delivering on our promise. Whether its embedded in mobile devices, or integrated as a library, our device integration team provides the necessary guidance on OS compatibility and best practices.
  • User experience is our first priority. Our rigorous certification process ensures that Smartalytics solution works seamlessly with any device and software app with no disruption to the user experience.
  • Best in class support. Whether it’s onsite training or urgent technical assistance, our team is ready to serve your needs.​