Telecom operators

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Network coverage
The NwSense module offers a complete network coverage map based on device sourced metrics (real user data). Customers perceive network performance and quality of service directly from their mobile devices, where customer experience must be quantified.
We built NwSense keeping in mind both individual and business users, as well as telecom operators. Device-side information provides the only objective view of how handsets perform on the network on a day-to-day basis in the hands of customers.
By using NwSense, mobile operators will get a better understanding of mobile subscribers’ experience over time, location and technology and can take corrective measures where needed, while optimizing network investments.
Therefore, if you are attempting to answer questions related to general network coverage (based on data from users’ phones), 5G coverage, mobile data traffic, usage behavior on network vs Wi-Fi, NwSense is the optimal solution for your company.

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Smartphone analytics
With over 1000 new smartphone models launched every year, both consumers and providers require data in order to be able to make the right decisions. In such a competitive environment, traditional tools become obsolete. Smartalytics provides a reliable alternative by using data and metrics sourced directly from devices. Studies show that consumers are more likely to pay a premium for mobile devices with cutting edge features or to recommend a provider which is constantly improving assortment with innovative products and services. The Smartalytics module tracks data and measures actual usage and behavior. Our customers gain access to actionable insights about the adoption rate and usage profile of new features, allowing them to optimize their products and services offers.
Smartalytics will support your business with:
- better sourcing – improved selection of various suppliers;
- selecting hardware configurations adapted to customer needs;
- enhancement of customer value proposition;
- improvement of financial performance;
- optimizing after-sale support services.

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Remote diagnostic
Sending products to service can be one of the most frustrating experiences consumers go through, mainly due to the disruption it causes to their daily lives. Regardless of whether it’s their car, TV set or smartphone, the main causes for frustration are the lack of alternatives for the duration of the service and the waiting time.
With today’s fast technological advancements, support companies / departments need to keep pace with customer needs and expectations. Recent studies show that 64% of customers expect companies to respond and interact with them in real time.
MFix is enabling a real-time support service contributing to higher customer satisfaction and decreased operational/logistic cost:
1) Customers can run a full phone diagnostic from home and share the results with the service team.
2) The service team can confirm the hardware issue remotely and suggest follow-up steps.
3) Data collected from service requests can be used to optimize the process further by anticipating issues and diverting each request to the right stream.
The MFix module can be supported by an AI powered chatbot, which interacts with the end customers, understands their issues and offers solutions. The chatbot is available 24/7, can explain how the device works in a non-technical language and offers personalized solutions based on device analytics.

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Customer behavior
Today, consumers’ expectations are higher than ever, with 59% of customers expecting companies to anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions. With all industries and markets facing potential disruption, it comes to the ability to leverage new competitive advantages in order to differentiate.
Metis 360 puts data at the center of its solutions, aiming to bridge the gap between customers and providers. The Intuit module combines large amounts of device sourced data with intelligent algorithms and fast processing speed to deliver the best customer understanding solution.
By using Intuit you will be able to:
1) gain a better understanding of customer interest and needs;
2) discover insights about customer behavior patterns - from apps, Bluetooth accessories;
3) improve your commercial value proposition;
4) optimize the performance of your marketing investment;
5) optimize distribution channels.

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In 2017 10% of the smartphones sold globally were reconditioned (collected through buyback & repaired). In 2022, it is estimated that 1 in 5 smartphones sold will be reconditioned. With circular economy gaining more and more attention and interest from the young generations, buy-back programs are estimated to become increasingly popular.
The BbAssist module developed by Metis 360 is designed to help overcome some of the hurdles smartphone buy-back programs currently face – difficult evaluation process and high error risks. Using BbAssist will allow your customers to run a full smartphone diagnostic remotely and check the buy-back prices depending on phone condition.
By using the BbAssist module you will be able to: increase smartphone sales; receive reliable, efficient and impartial smartphone evaluation, increase transparency of the buy-back process, assess customer trends, optimize effort and costs of running buy-back programs.

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Smartphone retail presentation app
In retail stores almost half of smartphones and tablets look the same, due to similar design and screen off. Customers interact with some of them and choose the one with the best price-quality ratio. Using a modern retail presentation app, with advanced analytics, that attract customers helps create a differentiator for your brand in-store (come closer to the A brands experience).
PickMe is our retail mobile app that will support you:
1) to have a differentiator at the shelf by display phone specifications & keep the screen on;
2) help customers understand the added value of each model by providing a compare function;
3) prove the screen quality by play a vivid, high quality video of your choice;
4) keep the phone at top performance for demos by cleaning it each night;
5) get a direct communication channel with the final customers by allowing them to subscribe using their email addresses.
As 67% of customers say they will pay more for a great experience, we strongly believe we can enhance the buying process, by offering experiences that connect consumers to both store and phone brands.