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Smartphone remote diagnostic

Sending products to service can be one of the most frustrating experiences consumers go through, mainly due to the disruption it causes to their daily lives. Regardless of whether it’s their car, TV set or smartphone, the main causes for frustration are the lack of alternatives for the duration of the service and the waiting time.

With today’s fast technological advancements, support companies / departments need to keep pace with customer needs and expectations. Recent studies show that 64% of customers expect companies to respond and interact with them in real time.

MFix 1

Real-time support service

MFix is enabling a real-time support service contributing to higher customer satisfaction and decreased operational/logistic cost:


Customers can run a full phone diagnostic from home and share the results with the service team.


The service team can confirm the hardware issue remotely and suggest follow-up steps. ​


Data collected from service requests can be used to optimize the process further by anticipating issues and diverting each request to the right stream.

A chatbot that understands smartphone problems

The MFix module can be supported by an AI powered chatbot, which interacts with the end customers, understands their issues and offers solutions. The chatbot is available 24/7, can explain how the device works in a non-technical language and offers personalized solutions based on device analytics.

MFix 2