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Smartphone analytics
With over 1000 new smartphone models launched every year, both consumers and providers require data in order to be able to make the right decisions. In such a competitive environment, traditional tools become obsolete. Smartalytics provides a reliable alternative by using data and metrics sourced directly from devices. Studies show that consumers are more likely to pay a premium for mobile devices with cutting edge features or to recommend a provider which is constantly improving assortment with innovative products and services. The Smartalytics module tracks data and measures actual usage and behavior. Our customers gain access to actionable insights about the adoption rate and usage profile of new features, allowing them to optimize their products and services offers.
Smartalytics will support your business with:
- performance benchmarks on various smartphone models;
- improvement of spare parts sourcing, by ordering optimal quantities according to forecasted demand;
- shaping consumers expectations;
- optimizing internal operations and costs.